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Rachel Pine

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Rachel Pine : Author of The Twins of Tribeca

“One of this summer's most promising debuts ... The dirt is deep, dark and delicious.”
—TIME Magazine

“The Twins of TriBeCa is a completely hilarious insiderís take on the publicist/actress/movie-mogul culture.”
—Plum Sykes, author of Bergdorf Blondes

“A frequently hilarious account of show business politics.”
—Los Angeles Times

“A scathing, hilarious novel. This girl can dish.”

“A perfect beach read thatíll have you laughing with disbelief at what studio publicists go through to make you see their movies.”
—Elisabeth Robinson, author of The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rachel Pineís The Twins of TriBeCaóand not just because it was nice to hear about someone elseís worst-case scenarios for a change. Twins isnít just a terrific, skewering satireóitís damn funny storytelling. I just hope she gets to work again someday.”
—David Borgenicht, author of The Worst Case Scenario Handbook

“Loads of fun, a guilty pleasure that goes down very easily.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Pine gives us juicy details about promoting indie movies…”
—Vanity Fair

“An addictive, dishy read.”

“The Twins of TriBeCa is so dishy, youíll dive into it like a pint of rocky road.”

“Rachel Pine has crafted a story so compelling Ö any pop-culture fan worth her Us Weekly will have fun guessing the real-life Hollywood A-listers who inspired Pineís outrageous characters.”
—Marie Claire

Rachel Pine Rachel Pine, Author of the Twins of Tribeca
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