Karen Jacobs has heard plenty of stories about Glorious Pictures and its co-founders, Phil and Tony Waxman, the notorious, larger-than life twin brothers who run their company with four iron fists. Their edgy films and take-no prisoners deal-making had earned the company hundreds of awards and a singular reputation as an incredibly tough place to work. But when she is offered a job there as a junior publicist, Karen accepts immediately, figuring that she is in for the adventure of a lifetime.

While prepared for the tantrums, whims, and neuroses of the celebrities she must deal with as part of her job, it’s the absolute insanity inside the company that knocks her for a loop. In no time at all, Karen finds that she’s constantly dodging landmines, most notably those planted by the three women at the top of the publicity department. The triumvirate vie for ways to outdo, outscheme, and outmaneuver each other in their attempts to impress the Waxmans, and the only thing they can agree on is their intense dislike for one another.

While Karen’s determined to advance at Glorious, it’s definitely going to be a challenge. She quickly learns that her hiring had more to do with her curve-free figure than anything on her resume. Her constant late-night arrivals home has her apartment building abuzz with the rumor that she’s working as an escort, and she’s left holding the bag when the career ascent of a certain blonde ingénue causes one of her co-workers to come completely unglued. Then there’s the matter of her boss, who has imaginary telephone conversations with a famous talk show host, and the head of human resources who holds her miniature dachshund in higher esteem than anyone else at the company.

The Twins of TriBeCa is the triumphantly funny, hugely entertaining tale of a young woman' efforts to navigate a burgeoning career in a corporate culture that seems to have been ripped from a reality television show.